Chaplain’s Assistant

In May, 1969 my future looked good: I was married, held two degrees in music the University of Michigan, and had a contract to teach at the University of Dubuque. Eight months later, I was in the Army in Vietnam. I felt like my life had exploded.

I made notes sporadically while in Vietnam, then put them away when I returned to civilian life. Twenty years passed, and Desert Storm (1990) happened. Out came the notes and a

loose outline for a book. This was put on the shelf until 2003, when the US and allies invaded Iraq.

Memories of Vietnam came rolling back, and a book, The Chaplain’s Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam, was born.

“. . . riveting and solid reading.” –Midwest Book Review, 2009

“. . . a beautifully written book, sensitive, with flowing narrative, interesting dialogue, and filled with details about life in the U.S.Army in Nam that keeps the reader reading well past the quitting hour.” Anonymous Judge, Writer’s Digest 20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards